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    Now that someone has actually posted and captured a screen shot of when u save now popping up on a site of mine I really wonder why CJ really seems so aloof and allows this to continue. Your business is partially run based on the commission you derive from sales we make. Every one of the merchants and links on this page which is shown here on ABW is a CJ merchant So why would you not pursue something against these companies since they are basically being vultures and taking away YOUR money. These are your merchants on the page. Why would you not fight to keep your rightful earnings too?
    Saying when u save now are in compliance means nothing. Do you see differently than I do feeling that they can come to a site showing your merchants from a publisher of your programs and by diverting a customer elsewhere yhey are basically also cutting into your own cash flow ????
    Any chance of advising why you may not see they take away from you too???
    I have serious concerns of a COC put in place that continues to allow this. A COC means little. Actions speak much louder. I really hope a forthright answer is available.


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    Why not ask "Rumpsfelt" to clear that?


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    All reasonable questions that have been asked and asked with no answers. However, Todd did post this recently regarding the financial aspects. See my post right beneath, and then the rest of the thread for a lack of further response.

    Yes, what happened on your site potentially diverts commissions from you, and hence CJ. It would appear on the surface, that any business would take every measure possible to protect itself against such activities, after all businesses are about making money.

    One question that I've always asked myself and will probably never have an answer to. Which greater: the dollars lost from diverted traffic from the affiliate site (some of which is diverted to a different affiliate so no lose on CJ's part) or the amount of dollars brought in through the likes of whenu which is not affiliate traffic (direct type ins, SE traffic, and in the case of whenu traffic from potentially every website on the Net) and CJ would have never realized a % of the commission on. Just something that makes me wonder.

    But we have Todd's word on it that it's not about money.

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    CJ is still making money because WhenU is an affiliate also, the only difference is that they are paying WhenU - "a Super Affiliate", not you.


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    Originally posted by Haiko:
    CJ is still making money because WhenU is an affiliate also, the only difference is that they are paying WhenU - "a Super Affiliate", not you.
    But, as they grow unabated and with assistance, won't they eventually negotiate their own direct deals with the merchants (especially as tracking/transaction technology becomes more affordable, thus more feasible for individual companies) and cut out the middleman?

    I suppose the youth of the affiliate marketing world in general, without a guaranteed long-term sustained payback (in view of the rising technology mentioned above) does lead some to take what they can while the getting is good without worrying about eventualities.

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    Haiko is right. CJ gets paid regardless of who the transaction comes from, since the Parasites are also affiliates. CJ really doesn't care WHO the click comes from, as long as they get their share.

    Plus, by allowing the Parasites in the network, CJ gets paid on direct URL type-ins, which they normally wouldn't get paid for. So, they get a "bonus" for transactions that they wouldn't even see if not for the parasite affiliates.

    As for Todd saying it's not about money, PPFFFFFTTTTTT!!!!! What a load of horse manure. The fact is, CJ allows many of its Publisher's cookies to be overwritten by the Parasites. They say since the end user has loaded these programs on their computers, it's their choice to do so and no one else's.

    The fact that many end users are unaware that this is happening is apparently OK with CJ. It's not about money? Get real! It's all about money.

    Maybe it's not illegal right now, but it is certainly on the very edge of what is/isn't acceptable business ethics, and it borderlines going against consumer rights protection laws. Before long, our big bad Government will step in to regulate the Internet, because of companies that take advantage of consumers and allow this type of activity to take place. Burying conditions and explanations in the TOS don't work, since most consumers don't read them. That's why the type is in small font, and it is in legalese that most can't understand in the first place. When the Government steps in, it will cost all of us a lot more money to do business on the Internet.

    It's another case of the few taking advantage of the majority. It will eventually end, but the outcome will not be to anyone's benefit, except to put more money in our Government's pocket so they can pay $10.49 for a half inch chrome plated screw.


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