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    I was wondering how many pages people have been getting indexed with the AllPosters script ? I know it probably depends on the PR of the site. So when you answer let us know the PR as well.

    How about the Amazon script ?

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    I've been indexed pretty regularly with Allposters, first as a subdir of an existing site, and now as a separate domain (but with the orginal subdirs getting pointed, not redirected, via server config). Google PR is currently 4, but plan to put some pretty fun content up soon, so within a month or so expect that to go up.

    Most of my sites are PR 5 because they have content and not just shopping. Shopping sites are going to take a hit in the ranking department as part of regular search results if google decides to push froogle.

    Of course the engines need to know you exist before they send the spiders to your door...

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    I have a PR of 4 and Google says it has 19,600 pages from my site. I don't even know if there are that many pages, but that's what it says.

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