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According to a CJ Press Release, direct product links (ie: CJ Product catalog) average conversion rates double those of traditional link formats.


Due to popular request Irvs Luggage Warehouse has completed beta testing on our own FREE private datafeed that our publishers can access to design their own complete luggage store or department.

Comments we have gotten from our beta testers include:

"... the system works great, the feed is great. It took me less than 1 hour to process it and generate the site. Far better than many of the other datafeeds. Great Job!"

"By the way, I love your feed. It is one of the easiest and most customizable
one I've used so far."

I announce this again here, because many CJ publishers have opted out of CJ emails. So even though I sent a newsletter announcing the datafeed I still get requests for a datafeed every day.

We also have lots of great new coupon codes and an awesome new Dads and Grads promo coming up soon.

If you are an Irvs Affiliate and did not get the newsletter or would like to get our FREE datafeed please email be below.

If you have not joined the Irv's program yet I would welcome you to do so.

Your Partner in Success,

Linda Buquet
Affiliate Management Consultant
ExecutiveEssentials.com (gifts) & Irvs.com Luggage Warehouse
Email linda@linkprofits.com

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