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    I am confused about getting the cgi-bin/ to appear as the home directory.

    I have read virtual home directory stuff and I have tried setting up an htaccess file and editing the ae.ini file but nothing seems to work.The site is hosted on a Windows server.

    I would be grateful if somebody could explain in it plain simple language what I need to do, as I am probably missing something obvious.

    Many thanks


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    Windows servers do not come pre-installed with mod_rewrite. To get virtual directories to work on a Windows server you have to add a 3rd-party "mod_rewrite" product such as IISRewrite (note: we have not tested IISRewrite with Associate Engine).

    If all you want to do is show the stores template on your home page (and you do not want Virtual Directory), then the easiest thing to do is to view the stores template web page in your web browser (e.g.: /cgi-bin/ and then save the HTML to your /index.html home page file. Note: Before doing this, set configuration variable ssi.script to no. When you're done, set ssi.script back to yes (assuming you had it as yes initially).

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