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    Ia have been looking at headers and footers for

    I came across the following in the ini file but I don't quite understand what it means or what you can do.

    "- include statement, e.g.: "{include header}"
    #File is loaded from ae-include/*.html
    #such as ae-include/header.html

    It seems to imply that you reference a header.html file that would be loaded or included.

    If that is the case I can't quite work out what elase I need to do - I set a directory called ae-include and placed a html file in it but could seem to get the contents loaded.

    Many thanks


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    In AE v4.04.04, you can set the store.include.* configuration variables to include a common header/footer into all the template files without having to edit the template files themselves.

    For example, setting store.include.body.header to "{include header}" would cause file ae-include/header.html to be included in all the store templates just after the <body> tag.

    Similarly, setting store.include.body.footer to "{include footer}" would cause file ae-include/footer.html to be included in all the store templates just before the closing </body> tag.

    The other three store.include.* configuration variables are:

    store.include.head -- the value of store.include.head is included just before the closing </head> tag.

    store.include.results.before -- the value of store.include.results.before is included just before the {results} results tag.

    store.include.results.after -- the value of store.include.results.after is included just after the {results} results tag.

    Thus, by setting any of these store.include.* configuration variables, you can quickly add a common header/footer to all the store template files.

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    Many thanks David. I have now got it to work.

    Best wishes


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