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    January 17th, 2005
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    I'm a true newbie. It's my first month running being a publisher and first month with commission junction. My niche is dating. I'm surprised how few of my clicks are converting, even when it comes to leads and free sign ups. For instance, in the past 4 weeks I sent 62 people to, 113 to eharmony, and haven't gotten any sales. I'm getting discouraged. Maybe I have to learn patience... (I wonder how long that will take to learn)


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    Whatever you are promoting or selling, 62 or even 113 visitors is nowhere near enough to be a reliable indication of success.
    You really need to send a lot more before you can determine if you need to stick with them or get rid of them.
    Once you have sent 500, then see how you are doing. If no sales, then find an alternative.
    I don't really promote dating companies, as it seems as though it is already saturated. However, other areas convert at 1 in 20, but some only convert at 1 in 200 or even worse.
    You have to be VERY patient

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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi there!

    We have been most successful with pays $1.50 for each free sign-up. We get our check each month. converted well for us, but we did not receive checks on a consistent basis.

    Eventually we decided to start our own dating site and are in the growth process... just under 1,400 members so far!

    All the best to you with your sites!

    That which is essential is invisible to the eye. - St. Exupery

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    I track my users ruthlesssly. I've noticed several hitting the dating sites hard. Suddenly I see two of my users are coming from the same IP address. A little later I see them frequenting the baby merchants on the site.

    So I think the dating sites are replicating well.

    Garb's Arbitrarium

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    [ dating sites, do they convert well ? ]

    More importantly do they get you ...

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