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    In the pages that display a list of the top sellers, is it possible to change the colour of the background that sits behind "Top Seller"?

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    Hi Steven, is it really necessary to start so many new threads? Perhaps you could start one and ask all of your questions in it.

    This forum is quickly filling up with all of your new posts - don't mean to offend, it's just I think it unnecessary.

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    In ae.ini, edit the xgridB configuration variable; this variable is used to specify the grid grid parameter value used to display the "Top Sellers" on browse index pages.

    The default value of xgridB is:


    Specifically, you want to change the first colour value of the h (header) option from 669999 to whatever colour you want to use. The first color (669999) is the header's background colour and the second colour (FFFFFF) is the header's foreground colour. The "Top_Sellers" is the header's text (_=space).

    By changing the value of xgridB, you can change the way the "Top Sellers" grid is formatted on browse index pages. For example, try adding ",u" to the end or changing "c:3,r:2" to "c:3,r:3". See: grid parameter for grid parameter option meanings.

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    Many thanks David

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