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    I want to cover a range of items that can't be picked through the standard modes that are available at

    I have a number of links setup in the store page in the UK Store template s using "". The numbers have been identified from

    Where the number refers to books the book page is used in UK Store, similarly for videos the video page is used etc etc.

    However when the items don't fall into any of the UK Store categories it seems to default to the Books page, although the correct information is displayed correctly. It is a bit disconcerting when exercise equipment is displayed under the books tab.

    I want to adapt the UK Store by either adding a section or be able call up a separate page from outside the store to display the information.

    Would I be correct in assuming that the "template=pagename" parameter would be used for each link or is there a default setting/if statement that can be used?

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    You can use the template= parameter to specify a particular template file to use. For example, type=browse&mode=books-uk&template=dvd-uk would display books using the DVD template (this example assumes uk locale).

    If template= is not specified, then AE tries to guess what template file to use based on the mode= parameter (or based on the product details if an asinsearch). So if the current page is part of books-uk, then AE will look for the template file books-uk.html (in the directory set by the template.dir configuration variable).

    So, it should be working for you already. Please fill in the Contact Us form and supply a URL so I can see what you see. Thanks.

    Yours truly,
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    Many thanks David

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