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    My server admin just installed allposters and I need help with customization.
    The new install is a white page with content but no header, footer or search fields.

    I'm not a programmer and would like someone to explain it in very lay terms. My site uses global headers and footers and I'm familiar with how PHP includes work. How/where should I include the header and footer and where is the search field? Is there a style sheet somewhere or a place to change colors? I apologise if this has been addressed already in the forum, but I searched and could not find a related topic.

    I appreciate any help.

    Best Regards....

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    Have a look at the templates in the allposters-template directory. There are several sample template sets in that directory. The allposters.ini file contains configuration variables. The templatedir configuration variable specifies in what directory the script will look for templates. Either use one of the sample template sets as is or modify one of them or create your own template set (using the samples as a guide to see how they work).

    If you want the created files to be named with filenames ending in ".php" rather than ".html" then change the htmlext configuration variable to "php" (default is "html"). If you do that, then the server will interpret the created .php files as PHP files (after all that's what the .php filename ending means). In your template, you can have PHP include statements -- they will appear in the created .php files.

    For example, you could have a minimal template file tdefault.html as follows:


    <head><title>{namePlain} Posters</title></head>
    <body bgcolor=white>

    <?php include("../header.txt") ?>

    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="aid" VALUE="{allpostersID}">
    <P><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="associatesearch">

    <?php include("../footer.txt") ?>


    In the above example, the header & footer would be in header.txt and footer.txt respectively (located in the directory where the home page is located; the ../ would be required since the created files are in subdirectories such as /animals/cats.html).

    In the sample template sets, you'll see tdefault.html and t0.html (that's a zero). The t0.html file is the template used to create the home page file (e.g.: /index.html). The tdefault.html file is used for all other pages. Also, the t0.html file must have a line in it somewhere that says <!--noInherit--> thus causing it to be use for the root category only and not for other categories. In fact, you can have a different template for each category (and its subcategories), e.g.: one for Movies, one for Animals, etc. For example, Movies is category 101, so t101.html would be its template. If a template file contains <!--noInherit--> then it is use for the category only and not for that category's subcategories (category 0 is the root category); otherwise, it is inherited by its subcategories. If no template is found for a category (either specifically or inherited), then tdefault.html is used.

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    Hello David,

    I shall forward this to my programming partner. His eyes are less likely to glaze over

    Thanks for everything....

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