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    David, I have a lot of disk space and I'm wondering if greatly increasing the cache sizes would give even better performance? I'm assuming that if they were really huge it might actually slow things down, but what's your experience with this? Thanks.


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    The Associate Engine cache can be set to a maximum size of 10MB. The default is 10MB. The size is set via the cache.size configuration variable. Each request/response data is stored in a separate file in the ae-cache directory. We found that if there are too many files in one directory (e.g.: 10,000 files) then the server would slow down when trying to access cache files and when AE tried to flush old files from the cache; so we decided to limit the cache to at most 10MB.

    To make the cache hold more data, each cache file is compressed (like .zip compression) if the cache.compress configuration variable is yes (and if your web server has the compression library installed; most servers do). Default is yes.

    Note: You should also have created an image cache directory (ae-imgcache) to save image information data.

    See also: suggested optmizations.

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