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    Can you just use (easily) template just the product with reviw from Amazon?

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    You can change the format of product details pages (example) as well as of list results pages (example)

    I use the ae-format/details6.html formatting file to format my product details page (by setting format.asinsearch configuration variable to "details6"). By editing that details6.html file in an HTML editor, I can add/remove what is shown on the product details pages. Edit the details*.html file that you're using.

    You can change the format of list results page by adding the &format= parameter, such as In the ae-format directory there are files list1.html through list8.html that you can edit in an HTML editor.

    Note: You might want to keep the original formatting file and edit a copy instead. For example, copy details6.html to mydetails.html and edit that. Thus if we release new formatting files, you'll still have your modified formatting files.

    See: Sample "Details" Format Templates
    See: Sample "List" Format Templates
    See: Format Templates

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