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    Why doesn't cj just set cookies not to overwrite existing cookies on visitors machines? This is a very simple solution to implement, as far as I know. Then they would not have to worry about ebates or others stealing commissions. Unless I am missing something, this would be 1 or 2 lines of code...

    if cookie exists, do not set new cookie. Else, set cookie...

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    Then ebates would just create a "tool" for their members that would set the cookies for them.

    THe logic behind cookies overwriting is as follows:

    I own site A and you own site B. Both sites promote widgets and links to via CJ.

    Because I am good as SEO someone searches for widgets on Google and finds my page, they follow my link to and my cookie gets set. However I did a bad job of describing the product so they don't purchase.

    They go back to Google and look a little more and find your site, you aren't as good as me at SEO but you do a better job of selling, they read your review of the widget, click on the link, your cookie is set and they make a purchase.

    Who should get the commission?, me for getting my page high in the search engine, or you for actually making the sale?

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    you are assuming search engine rankings, etc. What if you spend money on a good advertisement... someone goes to the merchant, decides to do some more research on something the like, and ends up clicking on someone else's link.

    In my opinion, the first site should get the commission, no matter what. It is a fair way to handle it all. It would solve the problems of coupon sites popping up and over-writing cookies. It might, at least temporarily, deal with ebates and the like.

    Moreover, if I generate a click to the merchant's site, it is THEIR job to describe a product. Presumably, if you generated a real click you enticed the user enough to visit the site.

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    you forgot to say that ebates and others are not selling better than anybody else. They are offering rebate and coupons ( cheating sometimes) and that is why customers buy through them and so their cookie is set as last cookie. Why not share the commission between e.g. ebates and the first cookiesetter? This would be fair.


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    Don't look for those couple of lines to see if a cookie exist and not update it unless it's expired any time soon.

    The networks intentions are to not to put the parasites out of business or reward the people who are most effective in generating traffic and clicks.

    They are in it to make as much money as they can and currently thats done by partnering with the parasites and squeezing everybody else. The parasites model of overwriting cookies and the full participation and cooperation of it by the networks skirts all around unfair trade practices but until a lawsuit is won or the government intervenes and declares it as such it's pretty much open season on affiliates.

    The COC hasn't protected us and it doesn't take much reading around here to see that sales now are lower for many people (with increased traffic) than when the parasites were in full swing prior to the COC. Why is that you suppose? Because the COC has been so effective and the networks complience teams are doing such a stand up job?

    Not hardly!

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    What happypoon said...

    ...couldn't be said better!

    I think he hit the nail squarely on the head.


    "If you were born to be shot, you'll never be hung." -Unknown

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