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    Been meaning to ask this: I notice in the .ini file there's a "yes" for:

    ssi.script yes # yes=convert <SCRIPT> tags to SSI include statements; no=don't

    Does that mean that in, for example, a "detail" format with lots of customer review text, a SE spider will see it as regular page text and index it? Even if it's with a js call?

    Thanks again,

    P.S. I just spotted where to change the color of the grid bar. Duh. Sorry about that.

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    The ssi.script and ssi.include configuration variables were added in AE v4.04.04. If both ssi.script and ssi.include are yes, then each AE <script> call will be converted to an SSI (Server-Side-Include) statement and then it will be "run" and converted into "real" HTML and the results inserted where the original <script> call was located. Thus the search engines will see "real" HTML rather than the <script> calls (which they cannot spider since they cannot run javascript).

    So the advantage of setting both ssi.script and ssi.include to yes is that the search engine (and end user) see "real" HTML without any AE <script> calls (or any AE SSI statements). The one disadvantage is that there would be two AE's running simultaneously (one for the overall page, and one for the SSI/script being converted into HTML).

    The ssi.include configuration variable specifies whether AE SSI statements should be run by AE or left as is. This is required since the normal processing of SSI statemants by the server is not possible since the server does not look for SSI statements in cgi-bin programs. The server merely outputs everything as is, so SSI statements must be handled by the cgi-bin program itself.

    The ssi.script configuration variable specifies whether AE <script> calls should be converted to AE SSI statements or left as is. If the ssi.include configuration variable is no, then ssi.script is internally set to no.

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