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    Hi again, David:
    1. How do I submit my new email address to be notified when the new version is available?

    2. I entered my and IDs in the .ini file, and the links appear in search results, but usually go to a "page not found" when a "buy this..." is clicked for both sites.

    Is this a bug or just peculiar to the category ("baby")?


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    1. When you purchased an Associate Engine license, you were automatically added to the Associate Engine notification list. If your email address has changed since then, fill in and ask for your Associate Engine record to be updated. You can always find the latest released version (and the current beta version, if any) at:

    2. I assume that you have an installation of Associate Engine and that you have entered your ID into ae.ini. In that situation, the results are based on The "Buy from: United Kingdom" text link is a link to with the same ASIN; this works fine if the product exists on with the same ASIN. If that ASIN does not exist at, then reports "The file you requested could not be found". Note that the baby store mode does not exist at (Associate Engine always shows the "Buy from: United Kingdom" text link). If you want results to be shown, then you should install an installation of Associate Engine. See for instructions. If you want and results on the same server, you can do a dual installation.

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