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    I know that AE is very server intensive. And I have even read posts about sites on shared hosting being asked to leave because of the server load.

    My question is...

    I have a multi-domain, Cpanel server. To run AE on multiple domains on the same server, should I have a seperate copy of AE running for each domain or should I try to access a single AE copy from all of the domains?

    Also, is anyone else out there running multiple AE sites from one Cpanel account? If so how many sites have you been able to run before seeing a big impact on the server performance?

    The server has dual processors and plenty of RAM.

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    Install AE separately into each domain. That way you can customize each installation so it matches the design of that website.

    There's no load advantage in using one installation or multiple installations on the same server since the same CPUs are being time-shared among all the domains on the server.

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