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    What is the best way to build an AE site that is restricted to just one niche?

    Such as Piano books, ect.

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    If you're complimenting existing content, edit your content and add AE links, such as:

    Books > Subjects > Entertainment > Music > Instruments & Performers > Piano:

    "piano exercises" books

    Casio Privia PX-100 88-Key Digital Piano

    NOTE: The above links are to AE on my server which uses an AE page template that has links to all the stores in the side navigation bar. You can create your own custom page template that doesn't have those other store links. You could create your own sidebar that has AE links related to your niche.

    It is not possible to browse's musical instruments section because it is a non-standard section at You can link to particular electronic products as shown above for the Casio product. If you know a set of ASIN's, you could create an ASIN list search (

    If you have no other content than AE, then set up a home page and then link to the above links. Or, if you want one particular search to show up as your home page, then set AE as your home page (use mod_rewrite to translate / to /cgi-bin/ and set search.default configuration variable to the search that you want to show up (e.g. "type=best&mode=1769" for piano books as shown in first link above).

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