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    I want my domain to be redirected to my store. When people type in my domain, it will come up with my new store. I'm not too clear when I read the directions:

    How do I make the Associate Engine Store Directory appear as my home page?

    To make the Stores Directory (live example) appear as your home page, create a .htaccess file (in the directory where your homepage file would be) and use RewriteRule to make your webserver redirect to Associate Engine when your home page URL is requested. Such as:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^$ /cgi-bin/

    Can some be more specific?

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    you need to host AE some where... so the easiest way to do what you want is to get a hosting account... set the dns to point the new hosting account.. run the AE software to create your pages...

    whalaaaaaaaaa you have a website...

    1> set the dns in your domain registry account... usually there are how to instructions in your registry account...

    2> install AE per instructions and run software...

    3> TWEEK your AE template run AE again..

    the way you are trying to do currently will not work... without a hosting account... If you have a website currently... just redirect your new domain (most registar's offer URL redirection) to the directory AE pages currently reside.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    It looks like you got it working. For other users reading this, those instructions are at

    As indicated in those instructions, add those three lines to your .htaccess file. This will make your webserver internally redirect / to /cgi-bin/

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