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    I have an alphabetical list of mystery authors. I would like it to look like this:

    I know I can just link to this url from James Patterson's name.

    I also know I can do something like this with shtml but I would like all my other links to be on this page.

    How do I set up pages for each author to look like my first example?

    Also, what example do you think would be best for the search engines?

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    Search engines don't like ?'s in urls.

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    To shorten the URL, you can use pre-defined searches and/or mod_rewrite. See:*

    So you could define the variable search.patterson using:

    search.patterson "type=search&mode=books&keyword=james+patterson&format=list9"

    and then use it as:


    or if you have Virtual Directory (mod_rewrite) set up, then you could use:


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