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    I am having a problem with page templates.

    In my electronics section, I have separate pages for "Audio & Video", "Camera & Photo", "Office Electronics", "Computers", etc. On each category page, I have sub-categories listed. For example, on my page titled "Audio & Video", there are sub-categories named "DVD Players", "TVs & HDTVs", "Home Theater Systems", etc. Under each sub-category, there are links that call up the "results" in a page template. Most of the sub-categories under "Audio & Video" use the "electronics.html" template. Some of the category links under "Camera & Photo" pull up the "camera.html" or "photo.html" template, but some of them revert to either the "electronics.html" or go directly to Amazon.

    Is there a way to designate a specific page template for each category page or sub-category link? For example: I would like for the links under "TVs & HDTVs" to call up a "tv.html" template with a page header of "TVs & HDTVs", and the link for "DVD Players" to call up the template "dvd-player.html".

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    In the current AE beta, you can specify a particular template for a specific sub-category (browse mode number). Download the beta from and see v4.11.12-beta notes at for usage.

    AE determines the template to use based on the store at the website (the complete list of templates tried is outlined at ). Some sub-categories at mix stores so that's why you might end up in a different store (e.g.: camera or photo). If AE can't determine what store the sub-category is in, then AE redirects to that sub-category page at (the redirection has your ID in it).

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