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    I am using the following script to list my favorite sewing magazines, which I have saved in a file called "sewmaglist":

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/amazon/script/asinsearch_sewmaglist:-20/format_details4"></script>

    It works great, but it's missing the product description. Is there a way to include the description in the script?

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    Not all of's product have product descriptions. It depends upon what product your looking at (you didn't mention any of the ASIN's your using). For example, does have a description.

    If what you're really asking is how to show product details pages, then the answer is that you have to set the asinsearch.format configuration variable, such as:

    asinsearch.format "details6"

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    First of all, this is in regard to books and magazines. Product descriptions usually fall under Editorial Reviews. There are no product descriptions for these particular ASINs, but there are Editorial Reviews, which are the closest thing to a description. They generally list information about the author, a review from the publisher, and/or a product description. I don't see any examples of this on your details page. In this case, I don't want full page details as shown in your example. For this particular page, I prefer the details4 list so that I can show several on a page. I suppose some of these Editorial Reviews could get lengthy, but it would be nice if we could customize our pages to include them, without the customer having to click on "more info" to see the full details. Bu then, it may cause the pages to load too slowly, as the page with a list of 10 takes awhile to load.

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