I've had it with Ikonboard and their complete lack of support. I've been waiting months for responses to two support tickets (after others had been closed, uncompleted). I've posted at least once a month asking why there hasn't been a response and still nothing.

Here's a little background info... last year Ikonboard agreed to upgrade one of my boards to the latest version. Apparently they let a new, unqualified, support member attempt the upgrade, although he had no idea what he was doing. He proceeded to delete the database and wouldn't admit any wrong doing for several days. My host only keeps 24hr backups, so I thought all was lost. Through some miracle, I was able to get it restored, that guy booted off the support team and was able to receive personal attention from one of their best guys... That person; however, has disappeared & nobody knows what happened to him. There are still many flaws w/ the board that are probably easy for them to fix, but they won't. They won't fix their own mistakes. Now they won't even respond to support tickets. How irresponsible and unprofessional can you get??

So, I'm spreading my little story, as I said I would, and I hope that nobody will support Ikonboard, or Jarvis Entertainment Group, in any way.