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    I have a dilemma with the eBay programs. I have an even mix of US and Canadian visitors. I am a member of and programs. Both programs have the Editor Kit available, but pays $0.05 per bid and $5 per qualified lead, while pays $4 for any lead and nothing for a bid.

    The Editor Kit only shows items listed from, so the result set is a lot smaller than

    If someone from Canada registers through my link, I don't get paid anything; if someone from the US registers through my link, I also don't get paid anything. I only get paid if a US visitor registers for, and a Canadian visitor registers for

    If a Canadian bids through, I do get the $0.05.


    Should I try and GeoMatch the program with the visitor?

    I generally got 20-30 bids per day ($1-1.50) before I switched to GeoMatching yesterday. I am now down to just 3 bids today, and yesterday the bids slowed down dramatically after I made the switch. Clearly a lot of Canadians are bidding via my site. They may be registering too, but I'm getting cheated out of those referral fees.

    By switching to the Editor Kit, not only do I lose credit for Canadian bids, but I have less of a chance of someone registering for, because the product listings are limited.

    If I switch back to the Editor Kit for everyone, I get more bids, but I get absolutely nothing for referring a new Canadian user. eBay gets free referrals from me.

    I personally don't think I should have to make these decisions; eBay is taking advantage of a hole in their rules; if I send someone to them and they redirect them to, I get no credit for the referral. That certainly isn't spelled out in the program rules, and it is surely against the spirit of the referral program.

    Why are they allowed to have such a big hole?


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    Why not have a seperate link for Canadians to register that opens up a new window? After they register, they can come right back to your page to bid. Not everyone will do the right thing but surely you'd get better results than you have now.

    I guess the question would be if a Canadian registers, does the lead qualify if they only bid on .com auctions. Is a qualified lead the same as .com leads? If so, that won't help you much.


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    That does seem like a pretty big gap in the eBay business plan. Offering links for both .ca and .com would be good, but if eBay is redirecting them, and cutting you out in the process, that doesn't sound quite right.

    I really like eBay as a customer, but I'm not as thrilled with them as an affiliate. I think the requirement that leads place a bid within 30 days to be qualified is bullshoot. And considering all the things out there that can cancel out cookies, I often wonder why so many leads never seem to place a bid. I would normally think they signed up because they saw something they wanted, especially if the Editor Kit initiated the registration!

    I hope eBay reads the posts here, and I hope they're reconsidering their program. If a lead doesn't bid in 30 days, they should at least split the difference with us.

    I hope you can find a workaround for this, but I'm not sure how you would go about doing that.


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    Good idea -- I already had a separate link above the Editor Kit data that says "Click here if you want to learn how to sign up". I will GeoMatch that link to the user, but show the .com Editor Kit. That will probably maximize my revenue, although eBay will still get "free leads" from Canadians who register by clicking on an Editor Kit auction.

    suzhc, has no bid requirement for registrations, so it doesn't matter which auction they bid on, although I would bet that once goes to a "qualified lead" scheme, a bid on a .com auction won't count. I base that on the complete separation between programs that currently exists.

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    It seems bizarre that you can use the flexible destination tool to search ALL auctions from the start pages but there is not an option to do that with the Editor Kit.

    I don't know if this is actually happening but in this post they said they are working on this issue.

    I was looking at your site and have an idea for your Canadian pages. How about removing the editor kit and only using the flexible destination tool? What you can do is place links to searches for popular cards (donruss gretzky gold 109 or whatever keywords that will target each card) and set it up in a similar fashion as the editor kit, without the price, bids, and time left columns. Have only the necessary keywords in the search but the entire title as the link text. It will still be more work than the editor kit but not much and once it's done, you won't have to update except to add hot cards.

    My visitors often click on the list of name searches I have on the right side of my pages no matter what is in the main section - and I'm getting signups for these (the only reason I know is because they are old cj links while the new ones in my main section are befree links), so it might be useful to include a list of hot players on each individual page. You can use a search string that eliminates things your visitors won't want (gretsky -poster -photo -nintendo -espn etc.). It won't be perfect because to include worldwide searches you'd have to start right on the home page.

    My highlighted auctions are in blog form on the first page, which I think is a good way to get people bookmarking my page instead of ebay. I update weekly.

    One thing I am going to be implementing is a bigger pitch for registrations. I figure since these people are registering, they need to be educated about eBay, so I thought I might put a little blurb on the top of each page telling how to bid (by registering first) and instructing people to bookmark the page to check back often.


    Nice site - I'll have my husband take a look. He's a big Penguins fan.

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