Going bald today. I ran into a problem with PHP today. PHP 4.3.4 doesn't seem to like doing really big array processing of course hindsight is 20/20.

PHP started crashing on me today just after I upgraded it! So that didn't help, I was on the wrong track from the get go. I thought the new version was bad so I did a rollback. Oh great still crashing. I figured it was a currupt file. So I started upgrading and reinstalling everything. Then Zend Optimizer start giving me problems too. Bad uninstall caused me to do some registery editing. Which only helped the unstall problem because I had to be upgrade it too. Finally after hours searching the bug database for PHP I found a solution. Had too install the lastest-STABLE CVS of PHP. This version of PHP isn't fully compatible with the latest Zend Optimizer which I just upgraded! This was not appearent from the error message. Luckly I found the right switch to turn off in php.ini. Finally get everything going and did a little more testing and I'm going to have to rewrite the script in Perl. PHP is crawling when hit with a big arrays. Should of used Perl to being with but I thought PHP could handle it.

This is the forth time I've had to use a CVS version of PHP. I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to run it on a production server.


Thanks I feel much better now!

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