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    This might be a bit off-topic, but I'm looking for a commercial CMS for dummies, something that will automate things as much a spossible for me - forums, news, article and story submissions, reviews by category, image and file uploads/downloads, chat, allows any type of template , produces static or search-engine friendly pages, etc., that will easily integrate with other applications. Anything like that out there that costs less than a couple grand?

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    Have you taken a look at PHP-Nuke? Supports just about everything you mentioned, and, best of all, it's open source, so it's free, gratis, nada...

    There are a few other open source PHP CMS systems, I wrote my own which I've been improving for the last few years, mostly because when I needed one PHP-Nuke was in it's infancy, and I'm a Cold Fusion programmer!

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    The current free CMS systems that are pretty good, are;

    I havn't used them for a while... but when I did, they were pretty feature package.

    Please note.. unless you are happy to use an existing "theme" from the download area on these sites, then you will either need to use the default design, or make your own one up. This is *NOT* easy (I'm a PHP/Perl programmer, and I had trouble even doing one). Not so much to put you off, but more of a warning

    Hope that helps.


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    There are lots of good ones around, and if I can remember, i'll post a link to a site which lists heaps of them (can't recall link atm)

    Typo3 is a decent one I've found

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    phpNuke themes are pretty easy to modify if you pick the right one to modify!

    I have used phpNuke for a few years, and for image upload you can add Gallery which is also open source.

    I rediscovered postNuke last night, it has grown with some nice new features that I need so I guess I will be bi-nuke-gal (play on bi-lingual that doesn't look like it would be very clear ) for a while.

    And there is LinksSql that isn't really a CMS, but can be used as one with all the addins if you are looking for a heavy hitting app.

    And there are things like ZenCart ( ) that are shopping carts that are adding CMS capabilities also.

    My point is that you shouldn't just look at the software that calls itself a CMS, but look for the specific features you need the most and work from there. is an awesome place to go CMS hunting. And that whole site has just free stuff
    Deborah Carney

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    Here is a link to one that I have used. I think it will do everything you need it to.

    It's free!

    "Just the facts, Ma'am." Sgt. Joe Friday, Dragnet

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