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    January 18th, 2005
    I am looking to display 16 thumbnails, 4 wide, 4 in length. How do I set up my echo statement to accomplish this? I have been trying to use 4 seperate PHP statements in the top 4 cells that display 4 thumbnails vertically.

    However, I never get the desired result, seems instead of running 4 x 4, they somehow all go inline, 16 long. Anyone have any advice? It would be much appreciated!


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    January 18th, 2005
    This is really simple, just loop through all your thumbnails and links. It helps to keep them in an array. Then just append a </tr><tr> every 4 iterations. What I do is maintain a loop control variable that will increment by one each iteration. Just do something like this:

    if($number % $columns == 0) { echo "</tr><tr>"; }

    Where $columns is a variable containing the number 4. The % means mod which returns the remainder of $number divided by $columns. When it equals 0, that means the number is divisible by 4 (in our case). Here all you need to do is modify $columns to indicate how many columns you'll have. You can go from 2 to any number you wish, but 4 is about the max, maybe 6 if you squeeze them in.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Ok, so sounds to me like I can accomplish this with just one PHP sniplet rather than the 4 I have been trying to use. I have been playing with this but my images still appear vertically rather than horizontially.

    How is your table aranged before the PHP gets parsed? I am thinking this may be my problem? Do you insert your code into a table, or does the code create the table structure for you?

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    I don't have the exact code in front of me but it goes something like this. (I'm not even sure if the following is php or asp or a mix of both....but the logic is the same) You place the TABLE start and closing tags outside of the loop. You basically just spit out <TD>$image</TD> until the desired column numbers equal the number of <TD>'s in which case you close the row and open another.

    Print "<table><tr>";
    for each $image in array
    print "<td>$image</td>"
    if($number % $columns == 0) { print "</tr><tr>"; }
    Print "</tr></table>";

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    Got it! Worked very well after a little tweaking for my own use! Thank you all!

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