wow. i'm not even sure what to say in the title of this post to communicate what i'm looking for. i've searched the forums and googled and all - but i don't even know the technical terms that accurately describe what i'm looking to do - and perhaps i've already found the answer to my questions but i don't understand a lot of what i'm reading yet - so i find posting here in my words the best way for me to get some help for now as I learn - and thanks in advance for your help.

basically, i'm building a small, simple site that is divided amongst several specific member-organizations and i'd like to be able to create one set of pages that would function as templates i guess.

i want to know how to use some sort of dynamic code to display a member org.'s name on one line of a template page, replacing that name from the default name, and then to also replace a "defaultmemberid" in a <a href>etc.</a> url string with a "specificmemberid" in that same string on that same page. - (this is for tracking the CJ SID and the linkshare member id, etc.) - that's it really. i know its got to be simple - but i haven't figured it out yet.

i don't know the first thing about php - but i'm going to order that book about php and mysql databases by kevin yank soon. (i downloaded the first 4 free chapters and i think it will be great for me).

anyway - upon a user entering my site, he or she would click on their desired organization's name, but they would not simply be taken to a singular page that needed to have the php replace membername and memberberid function, but instead they would be taken to a base page that has a search box - with the search essential to our site. the search engine we are using is a simple site search that spiders internally by just following links and generates results - all using a php script. results are then uploaded and the resulting pages for the end user appear in html format.

this is where i want the php replace for a membername heading and memberid in a url string to come into play - replacing the defaults in these search results pages and all other pages that lead away from the search result links - basically every page that the user sees after clicking to enter the organization's area. - just the average member-based site idea - for ease of description. each of the pages on the site would in effect be considered a separate template i guess - with the need for the site search to spider them and index them - with the php replace function then operating on each page to make the pages that have already been indexed as templates transform from defaults to organizational-specific pages as the user surfs through the site.

i am obviously trying to avoid building the exact same pages with the exact same search results over and over again for each organization or member of the site - with only a couple of lines of different code for the org, name, etc. that's what i'd have to do with simple html. i know its probably not that hard with php, but i'm stuck so far.

using php, i know i could just build one set of pages, have them spidered and indexed one time, and then with the 'sort-of login" feature as well as the string replace feature, everything would be simplified and all the site activity would be passed through these templates with the php replace working on each one to identify the organization accurately.

when it comes down to it, it seems like what i would need would be all the functions of a login - (in terms of carrying that membername and memberid throughout each and every page after clicking on the desired organization) - but without requiring visitors to actually enter in a login name and password to access the organization's portion of the site - just using a single link instead that carries those membername and memberid values with it to then replace in each instance that those values come up on all other pages. (i don't want users to have to know a username and password for a login- and i don't have any security or privacy issues).

i've been looking through the scripts at and i've seen lots of things about content management and user validation, etc. - i'm sure something over there is probably what i need - my problem is that i don't really know the specific terms to describe what i need - i can only describe it in my own words. thus, i've found it impossible to actually find help on this so far.

if you could, please give me a few more pointers on what things to look for as i try to find my way through the php scripting world based on what i've described here in my own words. i'm learning the technical terms slowly, but its hard when i don't really know where to begin. and thanks for wading through my novel - when you experienced folks could say all this in about 3 sentences.

thanks again,