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    I have a number of dynamic store pages on several of my sites, which are iframes that one embeds in ones own page.

    I have been trying to see if I could read them server side with PHP, so I have a bit more control of them.

    However my sample code is failing 400 Bad request.

    Does anyone know if this is possible ?

    If yes, then I will persevere now ,
    if not then it will go on my background pending further research list.


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    It's just an HTTP GET, so it should be possible.

    Your problem could be at the merchant end. They may require a referrer so they know it is embedded (to prevent exactly what you are doing). Or they may be screening based on the the user-agent. Try including either of those headers in your request to see if it helps.

    In general, anything retrievable by a browser is retrievable by PHP/Perl/Python. Sometimes you just have to get sneaky. The closer your program's request mimics a browser's request, the more likely you are to get past any problems.

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