Promote topica - promote spam.

That simple.

Upnetworks, their provider must have changed their ips recently, because they got around our block. 75 pieces of mail from them to me tonight alone and counting.

If you use topica to send your mail, besides being listed at, - they are listed in many other anti-spam lists.

Here is one of their new IP addresses

That is a new one. The old ones are nothing but red.

I don't care what they tell you the success rate of sending is - being on this many spam lists, they are not getting through to a large number of people.

They are being taken to court on June 16, 2003 for spamming in California - do you want to appear to your readers to be supporting spam? Send from topica, and the few people not filtering their mail, and do get it, will associate you with spam.

For as much as I dislike focalex, the one thing i can say, they never spammed me.