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    212 $210.32 commission reversed because of "out of stock". In addition they reversed other orders too for the same reason "out of stock".

    What's intresting to note is that we had some smaller amount orders from them which were not reversed. They always manage to reverse the "highest" order amount and supposedly the reason is "Not in stock", yeah I believe you.

    Anyone else had this with Bellacor recently?

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    I just signed up with them through Performics. Hopefully I won't have the same misfortune as you have had.

    They do boast 500,000 products ...hate to think of the actual number of products in stock.

    Sounds like you've had fairly good success with them up until lately.

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    Much to my dismay Bellacor has outperformed two non-parasite infested merchants on the same page. I've only had one transaction reversed in the last four months.

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    They did the same to me last month. They called my brother and shipped him some track-lighting in Brass color rather then the chrome color he originally ordered from my a slightly higher price too.

    The OOS issue allows merchant's salespeople to bait-n-switch on highend items ...then reverse out the affiliate commission while still shipping the referred customer.

    In 4 years only had 4 reversals on thousands of orders. None of those were due to OOS....just stolen CC's ordering over 500.00 in suspenders...LOL. Comes with an ownership commitment that allows the customer to return purchases in 30 days with no questions asked. When the customer sees this attitude on the end of the phone call 100% just opt to exchange for another color or model without having to admit THEY made the mistake.

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