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    This has probably been mentioned here earlier, but I was browsing through their notices and thought this comment was sorta interesting....

    As an affiliate, if you use frames on your web site to display a merchant's site, you should make sure that your merchants are IE 6 compliant. When you use frames on your web site, the merchant's return day cookies become third party cookies and are blocked, unless the merchant is IE 6 compliant. This is true regardless of the affiliate program provider.

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    Frames and framesets often were part of the page design to keep navigation back to original referrer site on the visitors screen. With IE 6.0 the merchant better have compliancce or the affiliate gets shafted out of return day cookies. Merchants want FREE traffic so why would they even bother with IE6.0 compliance since the buyers go into a followup e-mail marketing database.

    Some merchants had shopping cart programs that used cookies to remember the cart contents if the shopper left to compare prices and came back later. This feature sucked up "reserved" inventory if the shopper never returned and often threw off available inventory levels if the S/W failed to place items back into stock. Assume that all mercchants are not IE6.0 compliant on cookies therefore do not use frames in your site designs.

    My pet peive for the last year with Linkshare is they replace any sized dead banners ( say 125x125) with their huge 468x60 one throwing off all tables. Dropped or onhold merchants are forced linked to the worthless LS expired link announcement page that purposely DISABLES the browser BACK button to trap your shopper. Their reasoning on this escapes me since we all know the shopper has ZERO interest in joining up with Linkshare. In a heart beat they could place a return link to referrers page of choice or display a affiliate coded list of that referrers LS merchants that are active for further shopping choices. Now a negative turns into a positive.

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    I mentioned this on another forum but I will mention it here regarding P3P compliance . I will just quote from my original post to save time, but the post is certainly applicable here.

    "On that note I have been working at AffTrack on our own P3P initiatives and grappling with some of the complex issues P3P compliance represents. While we have an extensive privacy policy (and legal agreements) we are now adapting it all to P3P. As many affiliates know P3P issues continue to play an even larger impact as privacy policies can impact the setting of cookies. i.e. at medium security levels IE will refuse 3rd party cookies that do not reference a compact policy (cp)...

    AT&T has released a very cool and FREE tool to analyze a site's privacy policy (provided it is P3P compliant) and alerts you to how it matches with your preferences. It sits in the top of the browser and you can toggle sound off or on or just use the color codes. (The sounds is that of a chirping bird.)

    AT&T Privacy Bird Program Try it out and surf around and see what this software says about your favorite relationships. It is interesting to see who is way ahead of the privacy curve. "

    One thing to keep in mind is to test a network or independant merchant AFTER a completed transaction. So far I have tested Performics and CJ and both come in as being P3P compliant. I will continue testing networks as time permits, but maybe others can do some testing and share results.

    P3P compliance is probably not impacting affiliate commissions in a major way right now, but it certainly will a few months down the road.



    Wayne Porter
    V.P. Product Development

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    Very interesting, thank you Wayne.

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