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    I was wondering if somebody knew about the advanced linking in depth and could answer me this...

    Many merchants allow you to redirect their URL to some other page on their site. The form of the link is usually like this:

    However, other merchants do not seem to offer this redirect option in the CJ interface. BUT,
    if I manually create a link that looks like the above, it still seems to go to the site, and a cookie seems to be put on my computer (it is hard to tell if it is a good cookie now since they started the whole encryption thing). So, my question is, do these "advanced" links track properly?

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    It has been stated that links are not to be altered to insure proper tracking.

    If the merchants doesn't give the option of redirects ...then you know the answer CJ would give.

    I don't even feel at all confortable with CJ products links. There was a macromedia flash link for a jewelry merchant ...100% of the time (everytime) there was no cookie set whatsoever.

    Other links for the merchant had much better cookie setting percentages.

    I'm a cookie tester. Show me the cookies or else. But even with such non-permissioned redirects setting cookies ...I would not at all feel confident of proper tracking.

    If the merchant doesn't allow redirects's most likely for a reason.

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    That's true, Kelly...usually when a merchant doesn't allow redirects, it's for a reason. (Or they don't understand what it is - you may want to contact the merchant to specifically ask why they don't allow redirects. The default in the CJ system is "no.")

    Sometimes we set links not to redirect if we want that link to go to a special landing page. If the link talks about a special promotion, going to the landing page might explain the promo further, or actually set the code to receive the promo. There are likely more reasons, as well.


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    Typically, the only alteration we make is to add a style tag [i.e. class="copy11"]. Haven't even thought about re-directing. The more I read here, the less I know!

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