From Revnews:
All I know is Save Now will dominate

Hi Mike,
I am a Brand Manager for a major retailer and have been watching all this very closely. Our affiliate group was concerned about this because of relationships with their publisher’s. But after two days of meetings with executive management last week we have concluded that these new companies have tremendous reach and are doing what we try and do every day in Bricks and Mortar, loyalty programs. The cost to us is the affiliate fee (advertising cost) and these other companies are bearing the cost of development teams, account processing and continued value development that entails much capital investment (believe me we know). We also believe the consumer receives all the other benefits of their partners and that’s a good deal for merchants it ensures brand loyalties to synergistic products (e.g. Macy’s clothing department brings together all the major designers under a single roof). We have a lot of partnerships with a lot of different groups and we do this because we can speak to many consumers at one place that has a lot of power for a merchant as well as reducing costs. I think you need to re-think your position because all consumers care about is the best deal. I just read the “World Shopping Privacy Policy” the company doing the Morpheus shopping. They are not spy ware and I believe the service has great consumer value as well as merchant value. And if 'savvy shoppers' are getting discounts they will shop at the merchants that offer discounts. There are enough merchants out there who will see the value in this program. Consumers don't care about Web Master Mike (I am sorry for that) they care about choice, value and discounts. Merchants care about the customer’s (not always new ones but keeping the ones we have happy), reach and results = the bottom line. Merchants win in this model because they are giving something back to the consumer at a low cost even Burger King has started a program last month and the word is they are having great success with it. Why.... because it works more effectively than many things we try and can be measured. We believe in this because this technology delivers discounts with ease using technology what a concept. We all know that this has value for a consumer and a merchant. We also do not have to deal with tens of thousands of sites and all those accounting issues $25 checks on and on and on. By working with these company's we can bring money to our bottom line and protect our brand. I know you have invested money, time and effort in your model and brand so you have a business but businesses always needs to listen to their customers. My suggestion to you and other publisher's like you would be to partner with these company's to offer your loyal shopping customers these kinds of services it’s the future we’ve been doing it in the real world for 20 years. My advice to World Shopping and Morpheus is your company’s better continue to bring value to the consumer and the merchant as time goes on because when that stops so do you.