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    I'm pretty sure I know what the responses will be in here as I have already communicated with several other affiliates on this one. Notice how your reported sales for the last few months have drastically decreased? Guess what!?! Although they simply ignore my emails, the affiliates I have spoken to claim that AmEx said "There has not been a meaningful change in the ratio of approved applicants." If this is the case, why is it that everyone I've spoken to have had their ratios fall well over 50%? I already know that if you have them as one of your programs that your ratio has fallen as well. I'm going to hold on for just a tad bit longer in the hopes of change. D@mn, I'm not looking forward to jerking off all those links. It can get long and nasty. You would think that a prestigious firm like AmEx would be above this. Not So.

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    I stay away from big names (except Crucial) on the grounds that smaller companies will be more grateful.

    Hmm.. so their acceptance rate has stayed the same? Perhaps they think about it for longer and by the time a customer is in the 'yes' pile your cookie has expired?

    Or perhaps they are lying about it and you aren't getting any response because their lawyers have told them to quit lying.


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