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    As posted on the 6th at this thread:

    I need to know how to utilize this merchant. ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=26&t=000073&p=2

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    Hi char,

    It sounds like you have created multiple affiliate accounts by applying to the merchant programs directly at the merchant’s website rather than through your original LinkShare affiliate account.

    At this time, affiliates cannot combine accounts, although this is something that we are currently working on enabling you to do. In the meantime, we suggest choosing the account that you want to keep, and then using that account to apply to all those merchant programs in which you wish to participate through the 'Join Programs' section of that account. Additionally, you may want to email the merchant directly to inform them that they have approved your other account and that you plan to run the program through the newly applied affiliate account instead. All additional affiliate accounts that you no longer wish to use can be de-activated by logging into the account, clicking on the 'Account' tab, and then clicking the 'de-activate account' link.

    Thanks, and I hope this information is helpful.

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    Thanks for the reply Sarah,
    When I log in to the single accounts, the login/pass won't work anymore. My original account (the one I currently use) doesn't show Walmart when I choose the all categories to join.

    Guess I won't use Walmart.
    Thanks for helping. :rolleyes:

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    Hi rewardme,

    I'm happy to help investigate this issue further so that we can better understand the status of your accounts. If you could please send me an email at and include the usernames for your accounts, I'll be better able to address this situation for you.


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