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    Recommendation for new affiliate report to be added to the "Reports" section of LinkShare....

    ------Last Updated Status - Date/Time------
    MERCHANT | Impressions | Click-Thru | Sales
    Merch 1 | 06/28 01:15 | 06/28 02:15| N/A
    Merch 2 | 06/28 01:16 | 06/28 02:16| 06/28

    ... .... ... ...
    And so on...

    Other fields, such as date merchant last paid affiliates, etc. could be added.

    This would track LinkShare's posting practices and efficiency in processing affiliate data. Also would track merchant sales reporting and payments.

    Sarah, add this report to LinkShare Reports, or cause it to happen. Good metric for LinkShare and good info for affiliates.

    Hope to see it soon!

    Jim in Texas

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    I guess nobody at LinkShare wants to be aware of the STATUS of UPDATES to their data.

    As for me, I want to KNOW the data update by date and time!

    1. What Date/Time did Linkshare update IM's on each day...

    2. What Date/Time did LinkShare update CTR's on each day...

    3. What Date/Time did LinkShare update SALES on each day...
    The above statistics would measure the efficiency of LinkShare's data updates, and would reflect the efficiency of Merchants to report SALES...

    This report would be a TOOL for LinkShare to improve, and identify Merchants with less than timely input. Affiliates would be seeing the track record of LinkShare and the Merchant.

    After 2 weeks, Trends would be apparent and corrective action taken.

    Sarah, set this report up for the Affiliates benefit and LinkShare metrics.

    Jim in Texas [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Hi Jim....

    I like that particular report as well. I would think however that since it appears you first posted this on the 29th, a Saturday, and then blasted them for not having the report completed by Tuesday, you might want to give them just a little more time.


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    Thanks Obstinatedon.

    Jim - Impression and click-through data is always compiled and updated each night by LinkShare, and reflected in your reports by 5amEST. Sales data is the only value for which updates are variable as it depends on when the merchant sends transaction data to us. LinkShare actually updates sales data in near real time continuously throughout the day as we receive that information from merchants. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I do think that it would be valuable to provide affiliates with information about when the merchant last sent transaction data, and this is a concept that our development team already has under consideration.

    - Sarah

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    I was very surprised nobody, (affiliates), responded to my first post. I absolutely didn't expect a report to be generated in a couple of days... Also, I had never heard that 5AM Eastern was the cutoff to have updates completed.

    I thought it would be nice to be able to tell at a glance if all updating was complete, or only partial data. This one report would indicate complete or incomplete updating, and when the last update occurred - date/time.

    When in the "Reports" section, what indicator is there that shows updates are complete??? With this report, that would be seen in one concise report for that day. In addition, it would indicate Merchants that have not reported Sales to LinkShare for that day, or several days...

    Better informed Affiliates? What a concept! I guess I may be asking too much, but to me, this report would give added value to the "Report" collection. By the way, I like the reports that LinkShare provides to affiliates.

    Sarah, thanks for listening... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Jim in Texas

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