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    January 18th, 2005
    Is still a LS merchant? I was active and I cannot seem to find them listed anywhere at all when I login to LS. Yet...

    Why wait another second? Click here and Join NOW!
    where here =

    Yet every site I can find who is a affliate goes to

    There are a lot of merchants who I've seen like this, yet, When you click on the the register link, LS is still happy to accept the application....

    (Of course, I, and every other site I could find could have just been dropped... in which case it'd make sense that the registration link still works. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] buT..... if so I must have also missed the email.. )

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    January 18th, 2005
    {*} (Floragraph LLC) 08-JUL-02

    Whoops. You'd think they'd take down the signup at LS link no?

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    Yes, yes, the evil brackets and star...

    "Discontinued Merchant Programs"
    "{*} (Floragraph LLC)"

    Date ended = 8 JUL 02

    Well for some programs, this might be good. Sounds like another merchant escaping the need to pay???

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    Hi Joseph,

    The program has been on hold, and as such the merchant will no longer be listed as available in your account and your links will no longer direct to the merchant site. I have not received specific information as to why the program has been discontinued, but typically this occurs when the merchant is not able to send transaction data to LinkShare in a high quality or timely fashion, or the merchant is not paying affiliates and/or LinkShare in a timely fashion.

    In terms of the availability of the affiliate registration page, LinkShare provides the merchant with a registration page URL to promote their program on their website. I'm not sure why would continue to promote an affiliate program that no longer exists. The merchant is responsible for removing this link from their site. But thanks for notifying us - we will contact the merchant to remove the link from their site. Note that we do not prohibit the affiliate application for the LinkShare Network from going through in these instances. An affiliate may still register an account, and while they will not find the discontinued program to join, they will have access to all the other programs in our Network.


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    This was long overdue. There are too many florist programs that have tracking and reporting problems.

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