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    I've yet to have a sale at widerview village despite lots of click throughs. I did a search in my windows/cookies folder with "find" for wider and village and no cookie was found even though I have clicked through to them! Is anybody else using them or having sales with them? :rolleyes:

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    Go to your Linkshare "account" section and from the merchant pull down choose Wilderview. Then click on the default offer and the cookie infomation with be there. If it's ZERO then drop them. Sending them a e-mail is a waste of time since they do not plan on paying out commissions except to a few performers like ShopNow -Morpheus -eBates etc.

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    (4 year old thread bumping spam)
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    Hold your horses Cecilia, the free ride just might be over. So OK, now you should maybe stop dragging up every old thread that ever mentioned your program and read this:

    Here's how to properly announce your program. - the ethical, respectable way.

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