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    Can someone from Linkshare respond and let us know if a new payment system is going to be in place anytime soon (preferably a wire once every couple of weeks similar to Performics)?

    We've had problems with some checks being mailed to us recently (per the payment report), but never received by our company (we don't have this problem with any other mail). We've contacted Linkshare through the non-payment request form on these, and have not been able to get replacement checks sent out to us, which basically is the same result as not getting paid by a merchant. Either we don't receive any response, or a response that its being looked into, and then we never hear back from anyone.

    If a wire was sent out once every 2 weeks for payments that Linkshare has collected for each account (along with a statement detailing which merchants these amounts were received from), it would solve this problem, and given the increased cost of sending checks via mail, it may even lead to a savings, and certainly better affiliate relations! This is how Performics handles their payments, and it has worked extrememly well, second best to Commission Junction's monthly wire for previous month's earnings.

    Thank you, we're looking forward to improvements in this area so we don't have to write off hard-earned earnings due to checks being lost in the mail or sent to the wrong party.

    Also, is there any other way to go about getting a replacement check sent other than the non-payment form, which hasn't resulted in any replacement checks yet?

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    I too have had this problem, but it's early days. I've sent them details of all the missing checks (2 or 3 times now) but no reply since their first requesting details on 25th June. The originals went to an old PO box and would have been returned to them, so I'm rather surprised that they did not email me to advise me of this. Quite a lot of money involved.

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    I wish to address your comments about not receiving checks that your Payment Report indicates have been mailed to you. First, even if you think it's correct, confirm that the Profile area in your affiliate account is accurate and complete. Oftentimes, people forget to keep this information updated and we do not have a way of knowing how to reach you otherwise.

    In terms of reporting any missing checks, the "Nonpayment Alert" form in the Payment Report is not necessarily the appropriate place to report this situation. The tool allows affiliates to inform us of commission payments that are due but have not been paid, and the information that you provide here will allow us to monitor affiliate payments and take appropriate action when payments are not paid on a timely basis. We typically do not respond to every inquiry directly.

    However, if you have not received a check within a reasonable amount of time from the date upon which your Payment Report says it has been mailed, verify first who handles that merchant's check-cutting services. You can see this in your account section in the field "Check Mailed By". If LinkShare mails that merchant’s checks, then contact our support team at so that they can work with our accounting team to trace the chance and re-issue if appropriate. This process may take some time as we must wait and verify if the original check has been cashed. On the other hand, if the merchant handles payment directly, then it is best to contact them so that they may trace the check.

    If you have any outstanding issues where you are missing a check from a merchant for which LinkShare handles check-cutting, then I will be happy to help you get them resolved. Please send me an email at with your account information and specific on what payments you have not received.


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