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    Today I get a letter from Linkshare:

    {T}Bearable Deals:

    Your affiliate account in the LinkShare Network has been terminated pursuant to the terms of LinkShare's Terms and Conditions. Access to your account has been suspended, and all LinkShare links on your site will no longer function effective immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Best regards,
    The LinkShare Team

    First of all I am in shock, I have been with them for at least 2-3 years. Never had a issue.

    The word is there is a certain person who is turning others in for spam (which I do not do, this person does), and persons accounts are turned off left or right without any explanation & taking ones word?

    If I did do something wrong, wouldn't they explain or defend myself then just turn me off without any explanation?

    I am in shock & hurt. I run a nice newsletter that isn't even full of spam, and I still get the boot, while their is TONS of sites & newsletter who do the spamming & get rich.

    Can the linkshare moderator help. I got a autoresponder telling me my post would not be seen til at least aug 1st???

    Thanks for letting me vent!

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    First let me say Hi and Welcome to ABW! <IMG src=>

    Secondly, may I suggest that you email Sarah @ and give her your account info with the exact situation and I'm sure she'll get back to you.

    Continued Success,

    [speeeling :P ]

    [ 07-15-2002: Message edited by: Haiko ]

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    Thanks so much Haiko!!


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    Personally, I am happy to see Linkshare is trying to address the spam problem. Spam really devalues the affiliate marketing idea. Unfortunately, it sounds like both their investigation and execution of the matter was poor. Linkshare is not going to be able to stop the problem by responding to single accusations. It takes a lot of effort define what spam is and how to eliminate it. Right now, the common definition of spam is simply:

    "Any mail I get that I don't want is spam. The mail I send out is not spam."

    I wish the affiliate market would do a better job of defining exactly what spam is, and that Linkshare would have a better process for addressing the putting someone on warning before cancellation.

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    Hope you can clarify your e-mail policy as being a double opt-in list. Amazing LS would jump on you since some of their merchants like iWon are spamming experts. Purchasing co-regs and opt-out lists from slimy list brokers leads to the spamming claims. The moment the DMA (direct marketing Assoc.) establishes that verified opt-in is the only e-mail list that isn't spamm ..they will do the online Ad industry some good.

    Problem is the majority of their members are spammers or support spammers. ISP's need to charge 5 cents per e-mail sent and all FREE e-mail accounts need to be blocked from Pop3 servers. Those moves will raise affiliate sales by 50% since the mass eyeball marketers will go out of business.

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    Hi -

    I just want to quickly clarify that the issue raised by Renee was not
    related to spam. I have contacted this member separately to address their
    specific questions. Another thread raised concern about an email from
    Inphonic. In that instance, the merchant unintentionally sent out an email,
    and then immediately apologized for their mistake.


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    It would be helpful if you could give us some idea of what the (alleged) problem is so the rest of us might have a better chance to avoid the same (alleged) mistake.

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