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    Hey Guys -- For all of you that have merchant partners who have tiered revenue may have noticed (or will soon) that the "Sales & Activity" reports no long show the revenue jumps during the month. So if you hit the $10,000 revenue sold instead of seeing your new 10%, you will still see it at 7% (tier 1)...These tiers will not show up during the month.

    This was done, apparently, to save resources for generating reports. Personally I do not like to have to manually calculate the tiers throughout the month to see where I ACTUALLY am with revenue and commission goals!

    Am I alone on this? If not please feel free to voice your concerns to Sarah and/or linkshare support so this can be changed back to reflect these tiers in real-time (day to day).


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    Agreed! When I went in to look at reports this week I thought the merchants just didn't bump up the tier % yet, only to find out it hadn't changed all week!

    Not a fan of this change in reporting, affiliates want to know what they're earning.

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    Just one other person who thinks this is not a good thing???

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