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    Unfortunately, I have made the difficult decision to terminate our use of LinkShare as our affiliate program solution provider.

    Effective immediately all of your BuyTelco/LinkShare links will become inactive. You should remove these links promptly.

    The good news is...

    We have just completed a total site re-design at, including extremely powerful integration with several of our service providers. We are now in a position to more fully exploit the opportunity that exists to deliver broadband into homes and businesses across the country. And we have NOT given up on the affiliate channel!


    Stephen McKean


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    Notice how a pure play advertiser never misses a chance for one last pitch. I'd suspect anyone who made a sale there will receive a spam announcing a new affiliate program -inhouse or on a lesser network.

    WebMaster Mike

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    I received the email too.

    It is sad to see this happen.
    I understand sales are reported after 3 months and since June, we have delivered 889 clicks with no sale and was hoping our sales will be reported at the end of August or September, but looks like we worked for free.

    The new affiliate program starts out at25 cents for each person who fills out the form.

    I am personally so disappointed, I guess we will be dropping them all together and replace them with other DSL merchants.

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