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    WWE (WWF) sends an email they are discontinuing their program [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]
    Their account info reads they were good till 2003. Is this normal merchants pull out early? While their sales were not great, (all my wrestling fans did more looking than buying any wrestling products)it still leaves a big void on my site pages. Can anyone fill us in was there any particular reason they are gone????


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    Maybe they could have done better if they had actually approved some affiliates...

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    If they ran their program as an actual secondary sales channel and worked on creatives and landing pages for conversions ..they still stick around. Instead they ran their program as a advertising campaign. With their recent financial problems it means management decides to cut all their advertising budgets. When will the fools ever learn that affiliates are their non-salaried sales force ..not an advertising expense. Thank God another pure play advertiser exits the scene at Linkshare so the real pay per performance merchants can rise to the top.

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