Hi there I'm new to this site. My company manufactures a unique 'new category' product for cleaning carpet. We've got a household products that I hope some w.masters may consider to promote.

1-800-DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaning has been advertising (Los Angeles market) daily via radio since 1994. We've got a 'truly' revolutionary product and franchise concept.

I know that our category is limited - but I hope to meet others to exhange links and/or establish affiliate relationships with.

I apologize in advance if my post is outa-place or inappropriate.

Very kindly,

Greg E. Cantrell
America's Preferred, Inc.
MY MUG SHOT: http://www.drycarpet.com/people.htm
DRYCARPET™ Radio ads: http://www.drycarpet.com/mediaramp/
DRYCARPET™ ubb http://www.drycarpet.com/bulboard/cg...ultimatebb.cgi