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    I'm just curious as to how anyone does with them? I have tried for awhile to get approved by them and finally did. I'm aproaching 300 clickthroughs with a total of .96 cents earned. Not what I was expecting at all. Any feedback on them. Maybe sales haven't been reported yet? I hope! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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    I started off with a big bang and lately, they have fizzed big time!

    It's getting rediculus how a merchant can perform so well and then they don't hardly convert at all for a while. This kind of stuff always makes me wonder whats really going on. I don't see them on the gator or morpheous listing so I cant chalk it up to parasites.

    Their site did have some problems at one point featuring items that were out of stock and the checkout is a bit cludgy but they do have some good items and prices (if you find them in stock).

    I wish they were a more consistent performer though.

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    Y-T-D is 1:61... but looking at a monthly basis, it does seem to fluctuate quite a bit... but I'm looking at a small dataset -- I don't send them that much traffic.

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