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    does linkshare allow multiple domains on one affiliate account, or do you have to set up an account for each one of your domains?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Domains that you manage can be set-up as a "sub-affiliate" under your account, thus you can generate seperate linking codes, and run reports for each specific site. However, your earnings will consolidate for each merchant for payments and minimums. If you check some of the other threads in here, you'll find more info somewhere (I know I've seen it before).

    You can access the sub-affiliate info pages in the Account tab at Linkshare, then when you go to generate links or in reports, you'll have a drop-down box to choose sub-affiliate sites.

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    Yes, as wtjpm said, however ONLY the Name and major URL show up on applications as far as I am aware and therfore if you have 30 sites then make sure your description and Name say as much, I've seen a lot of Applicants to Mondera who put a name like "JB Consulting" and link to a bad link half the time becuase they didn't do some thing like "JB Consulting : 30+ Sub Sites" and list some in their description.



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