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    Since you have refused to enforce your own agreement with Merchants who are using parasitewire, your affiliates are taking the matter into their own hands and contacting AMs requesting compliance at that level.

    Just today, two of your merchant partners, Hotwire and Orbitz, have terminated Morpheus from their affiliate programs.

    When are you going to put business ethics before profits and enforce your own agreement? One of your most serious offenders is Ebates. By the position you have taken, you are telling all of your affiliates that these scummers' business is more important to Linkshare than all of your other affiliate partners combined.

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    I secretly think Stephen Messer celebrates the moves Orbitz and Hotwire made to boot out the parasites. He has yet to commit to a stand on "incent" based affiliates posing a network merchants who use interloper software to influence traffic/sales on normal affiliate web sites. eBates -iWon -Gator and other Dupers only exist if the can get nightly updates of the network wide "incent" offers by all merchants which are used to LURE our traffic to make sales through their rewards programs.
    Organizations with Good ETHICAL business practices, assumed to be used by all participants in engaging in commerce, negate the need for ever having to specifically write Ehtics policies and enforce these moral tenents.

    A year and a half ago the big issue for the networks and their merchants was building trust, as the .com bubble burst with thousands of affiliates getting burned on earned commissions. Instead of taking a firm stand at that time they dragged their feet on transparancy issues while catering to their remaining merchants branding schemes and diversion tactics. They decided to negate the negative effects of traffic losses when affiliate recruiting dropped off and many exited the pay-per-performance scene in frustration.

    The networks were approached by schemers who had devised ways to bypass the hurdle and limitations of building web sites and generating expensive traffic. Their remaining stable of Superaffiliate "incent" pseudo merchants also pushed for network automation tools to expand their capabilities. So the networks threw some crumbs to their affiliate masses while devoting all real efforts to automate shopping plug-ins and parasitic software affiliates. They threw business ETHICS to the winds and shoe horned the real con-men into the mix as trusted partners swimming in their merchant/affiliate pool.

    Most merchant AM's only pushed harder on "incent" offers like coupons -rebate side deals based upon higher commissions to the Dupers and accepted the "darkside" traffic hijackers into their fold, rather than work on TRUST issues and conversion ratios. They never accepted the normal affiliate view of verifying and policing sales reporting -expanding cookie days -reducing minimums and timely paying commissions monthly. Eyeballs and clicks were king and they could care less where the Dupers & parasites got their traffic and sales from....

    Like all others here I've no idea what could possibly contribute to the plight of affiliates as in 5 years they never bothered to post a thing in affiliate forums like ABW. If they are like DMA then it's all about dues and circumventing ethics with legal loop holes.

    The networks and merchants as a group cannot continue affiliate "business as usual" if brick-n-mortar laws -rules and ethics are imposed equally to all parties involved. So they do need to CHANGE and level the playing field. I relish the fact that the media focus on the con-men -thieves and P2P network copywrite violations and kiddie porn file sharing will not let up. The one factor they can't shove under the carpet is their favored affiliate players are going to get a huge consumer backlash. No merchant can ethically monitize OPT-OUT spammers and private porn sharing -music thieving networks with their brand when the consumer watch dogs revolt.

    What remains to be seen is whether "unfair traffic advantages", that make merchants think normal affiliates aren't important, will continue to scew the stats in favor of the "darkside" e-marketers. My take is the Dupers like Gator and eBates, iWon and parasites like Morpheus, Kazaa, LimeWire will setup their own private merchant networks to feed their greed and tell CJ -BeFree and Linkshare to take a hike with their new policies. Delaying the inevitable rejection of Dupers & parasites of a Ethics policy and subsequent exodise is allowing traffic thievery to go full swing this Holiday shopping season.

    WebMaster Mike

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