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    Is anyone aware of a primer available on the topic of datafeeds?


    How to use them.
    Tips, tricks, traps, etc.



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    I'd like to know as well

    ANYONE . . .

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    Count me in on this one

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    Me too!

    I'm just starting to use datafeeds, and I *know* there's a lot that I don't know and should.

    -- Mike

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    I bought Charlie a "Database for Dummies" book but it puts him to sleep every time I read it to him. Where is that cheap 1-HB foreign labor when you need it. I know how to create categories and feed a CVS file into but it creates a "add to cart" or "buy now" button on each item. Like I need the hassle of passing on the orders to the merchants. Then again I can autoforward the originals and get a carbon of each order so they can't claim a sale wasn't made .....uuuummmm.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I just started working with my first feed recently. As far as how to get started, I picked up a copy of PHP and MySql Web Development from Amazon. The book has about 800 pages, but the first 250 or so had enough information to work with a feed. If you don’t mind reading stuff online you can always check out the online manuals for PHP and MySQL at and you want to work with PHP and MySQL as opposed to ASP, ect.). The book has a lot of info in it, but I’ve had to refer to these sites quite a few times to look up a function or two that aren’t listed in the book.

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