When you posted your addendum, you mentioned that several companies had agreed to make changes to their software and that LS was still talking with others. Can you give us a figure to the exact number who have already signed the agreement? Also of those who have signed, have any been able to actually update their software yet to come into compliance under your new addendum? And finally, are there any of the companies that you are at liberty to say publicly that have changed their software? I would like to get a feel for how many applications have been affected by your new addendum.

Also, please let's not have this thread turn into another rehashing of how many ABW affiliate members feel that the LS agreement didn't go as far as many would like to restrict parasiteware. But I would really like to know how many companies have revised or in the process of revising their programs so that the amount of commission pilfering may have been decreased.

Thanks in advance Stephen for any info you are able to provide.

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