Hi All

The November December bonus program is now running and we're offering weekly and 2 month bonuses in the following areas :

1. Most Shipped Product Sales Per Week (Monday to Sunday)
o 1st = $60 Bonus Every Week
o 2nd = $40 Bonus Every Week
o 3rd = $20 Bonus Every Week

2. Most Silver Products Shipped in the Period
o $100
3. Most Pearl Products Shipped in the Period
o $200
4. Most Wedding Bands Shipped in the Period
o $300
5. Most Engagement Rings (Set and Unset) Shipped in the Period
o $400
6. Most Loose Diamonds Shipped in the Period
o $500
7. Highest Dollar value of shipped sales in the period
o $750
8. Highest Total Number of Shipped Products in the Period
o $750

There will also be a number of One off contests, such as.

o First Partner to sell Product X gets a $XXX bonus
o First Partner to sell 3 Product Y gets a $XXX bonus
o First Partner to sell Products A, B and C gets a $XXX bonus

All bonuses will be cash (not commission increases) and paid via LinkShare Payment system.

How to Join

1. You must agree that your ABW Alias or LinkShare User Name can be used in reports of winners and results tables for the length of the bonus program and on final result pages.
2. Register with an Email to Chris (chris.sanderson@mondera.com) starting
o Title : Mondera Bonus Program
o In Body : ABW Member Name
o In Body : LinkShare User Name
o In Body : Site URL

Orders Shippied on Nov 1/2/3 will count towards week 1

Orders Shippied on Dec 30/31 will count towards the final week.

Not signed up with Mondera yet, then don't delay sign up now, not entered the bonus program yet, dog bit your fingers off??, get typing that email!!!



Chris Sanderson
Mondera.com Partner Management
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