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    IA while ago I found I was blocked from applling to new merchants. I was informed that the merchant with whom you sign up can block all of your activity if he so choses. I have been told basically if I wish to sign up with other merchants I must rejoin under a better merchant, and forfit all current revenue. There is no other solution! The email with link share are is follows

    Dear Affiliate,

    It appears that when you signed up with linkshare you signed up directly
    through the merchant That merchant is able to block the
    affiliates that they bring into the network from apply to other
    merchants within the network.

    If you would like to apply to other merchants you will have to create a
    new account with linkshare directly. You will then be able to apply to
    other merchants.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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    I know Prakash (AM of 1800Flowers) and knows he does carry alot of weight at LS and also helps other merchants recruit good affiliates for their programs. If Prakash decided your listed site was not congruent with his program, and others I might suggest contacting him directly and expose your other site(s) so that he may avail your expertise to his and other programs.

    If you need his direct email please PM me.

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    I ditto Haiko's comments.

    Those guys are not out to close you out....


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    Agreed. Give him a call and he'll take care of you.

    Shawn Schwegman

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    "That merchant is able to block the
    affiliates that they bring into the network from apply to other
    merchants within the network."

    Why does Linkshare allow this to happen?
    I just don't get it.

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    Yes, he will help you out.

    I was not aware that this happened either.

    Jamie Birch
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    Why would you need him or his permission, or need to contact him for such simple thing.

    Just go open a new account at Linkshare directly from their site, not from any merchant's link!

    No matter how nice/helpful this AM person is, no merchant should be able to prevent you from applying or joining other merchants. That's absurd.

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    Sambay I think you and I were seperated at birth.

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    Hi Freesurf,

    This feature was developed to address the concerns of certain merchants who were hesitant about spending time and resources to recruit affiliates into a network whereby they could be enticed to join the programs of competitive companies. Note that this feature can only be used for affiliates that are signed up directly by that merchant, and the merchant can only block directly competitive programs from appearing in that affiliate's "Join Programs" section. This is not a feature that we promote, nor is it a feature that we recommend. And quite honestly, it is not a feature that is widely used anymore.


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    strange little a merchant..I was never made aware that we could block out competitors if you had originally applied to our program through our site..but in reality only a tiny handful join from my site..right now the actual statistic is 1/2 of 1%..teeny..BUT with that I am not too worried about people jumping to my competitors wherever they link through..I think so far we offer the highest commission rates of all our competitors..12-15% (currently 15-18% for holiday) can join our program through our site or LS..we won't block ya!! :-)

    AKA Gourmet

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    Hello All-
    I apologize for the delayed response but I was away on vacation and have just returned.

    Yes, this feature does exist but was part of a very early business decision that was made to have a Private label network parallel to the Public network (basically Linkshare). This applies only to those affiliates that join through our site. It helps many of our affiliates who want have a partnership with just us, but still use Linkshare for reporting and payment efficiencies.

    In recent months we have tried to improve access, features by hosting this feature on Linkshare, rather than on our side as was the case earlier.
    But again, this is just an option for a few affiliates. If you prefer to work with multiple merchants, then it is better if you join directly through Linkshare.
    I do apologize if this has caused an unnecessary problem or irritation for some affiliates.

    Thanks- and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Prakash Bharwani
    Affiliate Manager
    Tel: (516) 237 7928
    Fax: (516) 237 6060

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